Classic Yg27was born from the need to give women an accessory to look and feel beautiful. We know that each woman is different, that's why we want each one of them to look amazing. Our commitment is to make products designed for each style with excellent quality in each accessory.


At Classic Yg27 we have accessories with different styles so that women look and feel good both physically and emotionally, always offering products of the highest quality. We want our customers to be able to find an ideal complement in our products.


To be a company with recognition and high participation in the national and international market, strengthening our sales through innovation and high quality standards of our products, always being at the forefront of fashion.


Honesty: Always be and work in an environment of honesty and transparency with our customers and suppliers.

Respect: For Classic Yg27, respect is the key to a good relationship with our customers.

Integrity: We are committed to always acting under values and principles that generate trust, always in compliance with our duties within ethical and legal limits.


At Classic Yg27 we are convinced that the most important thing is customer satisfaction. That is why we have a continuous commitment to satisfy the expectations and requirements that are expected of our products. Accordingly, we have adopted the following principles:

Creativity and continuous innovation / Trust in our clients / Excellence in our service and customer care / Quality in all our products / Quality in our management system / Active participation and mutual benefit between collaborators, suppliers and clients.